Irby's Story

Back in the mid-1800s, Henry Irby built a tavern and grocery store at what's now the corner of Peachtree Road and East Paces Ferry. His establishment quickly became a popular watering hole for locals as well as travelers - so much so that the area became known as Irbyville. One day, according to legend, a hunter proudly hung a buck's head on a post outside of the tavern. People began using this as a landmark, telling friends to meet up at the buck's head. Ultimately, the name stuck and Buckhead was born. 

Out vision is to bring Irby's Tavern back to life, and with it, a sense of familiarity and community. We want to be a meeting place for locals, as well as a place for travelers stopping by to experience true Atlanta. 

Irby's Tavern is dedicated to the great city of Atlanta, Georgia as a celebration of its history, sports and culture. This is a sanctuary for all those who are proud to call this place home, and it is a true expression of Atlanta for those who visit our fair city.